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Make your pet stand out anywhere they go. Susan is just as much an artist as she is a groomer, and she makes every pet that visits her salon look like they are ready for a show. Whatever style you wish for your pet, Susan makes it happen.

Small Dog Grooming


Suzy Q's Pet Grooming Salon is committed to your dog's health. For your convenience, Susan has compiled some helpful tips to keep your pet happy even when you don't have time for the salon. Read Susan's advice on dog grooming.

Grooming Tips

You probably think taking care of a pet is stressful and so uninteresting. That’s because you have not come across the mind-blowing knowledge and tips I am about to share with you. Owning a pet is beautiful and caring for your pet is not rocket science.

Pet ownership is a delicate venture, as important as taking care of yourself. You are as healthy as your pet is. The survival of your pet depends on proper care from you.

According to The American Humane Association, about 10 million pets are lost or stolen in the U.S each year while 6 million cats and dogs die of premature death. I am sure you don’t want your pet to be part of these worrisome statistics.

The SECRETS to HAVING a HAPPY and HEALTHY PET are in the book you are about to get. This is an invaluable book for you as a pet owner.

These SECRETS are why I have been the number one groomer in Albertville and one of the very top groomers in all of Alabama.

Here are a few testimonies from those who have done business with me:

• Suzy Q is the best. My puppies love her. I miss you Suzy Q. But I do not miss Alabama. - Cari Ann Durfee

• Suzy is one of the best people I know, not only as a pet groomer, she is a good person. I look at her as family and would follow her off a bridge if she asks me to. I have only been with her for about 14 years and have never had a complaint about how she treats my Fancy and the late Lady. Love her to death - Gary Dean

• Suzy Q is the best groomer. She is so passionate about her furry clients. She also checks them while in her care. She found an ear infection that we were not even aware of yet. Suzy is a wonderful and beautiful lady! - James Fowler

• You too can learn all these SECRETS simply by buying this book now. This is your chance to learn from a professional master groomer and become a master groomer for your pets to keep your pets happier and healthier.

Get The Book HERE

PS: I have decided to reduce the price today because of my interest in making sure all lovers of pets are able to lay their hands on this book. It is only going to be available for this price for a while before the price goes up again.

Make use of this opportunity NOW. Click HERE to buy the book

This is one book that will address all your worries about your pet, answer your most troubling questions, and offer you tips on the day to day handling of a pet.

What do you stand to gain?

 • How to choose the perfect pet for you (which pet fits your lifestyle)
• 5 Things you must know about your pet
• What to and what not to feed your pet
• How to know when your pet needs medical attention

 • How to handle your pet in heat
• Sound Pet education, control and socialization tips
• Grooming tips to make your pet look gorgeous

This is your perfect guide to happiness as a pet owner.

Get your copy HERE

Visit Susan's dog salon and keep your pet healthy and clean with the help of a groomer.

(256) 660-5556

About Susan Mashburn

From cute to debonair, Suzy Q's Pet Grooming Salon gives your dog the ideal look. Based in Albertville, Alabama, Susan is a trained dog groomer who always looks out for the needs of both you and your pet. Her full-service dog salon treats every pet like family, and every child that visits loves seeing so many active puppies in one place. Susan's approach to grooming examines your pet, while also avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. 

Susan is a master groomer who learned the proper skills and techniques through a complete education at the Florida School of Dog Grooming. She has worked with veterinarians in the past and has training in dental scraping. Since establishing her business in 2001, Susan has built a great reputation within the community. In addition, Susan is a recognized member of the Dog Groomers of America.

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Mission Statement

To care for your best friend. My mission is to care of your four-legged babies to be healthy, happy, and know they are loved.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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419 N Broad Street Suite I 
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