Grooming Tips from Susan Mashburn

Suzy Q's Pet Grooming Salon of Albertville, Alabama, wishes only the best for your furry friend. With more than 15 years of experience, Susan has a few choice tips to keep your baby clean, healthy, and happy. Should you have a need for a professional dog groomer, Susan is always available to help.

Happy Dog

Bathing Routines

Never bathe your babies more than twice a month, every two weeks. Excessive bathing dries out a pet's skin and creates irritation. In addition, frequent bathing dulls your pet's coat.

Nail Care

Always check your pet's nails. If their nails get too long, they tap on the ground and become skewed. As a consequence, skewed nails make walking painful.

Check for Infections

If your pet becomes lethargic, check the inside of his or her ears for odors. The ears may be infected, which requires medical attention. Yeast infections spread easily. It is a serious condition and must be examined as soon as possible. 

Anal Care

Lift your pet's tail and keep the hair away from their anal glands. Your pet's anal glands must be expressed regularly to check for worms. Clean your pet's behind with a baby cloth. It is possible for dried feces to go back into the intestines, so keep that area clean to protect your pet from discomfort and parasites.

Fighting Against Fleas

Fleas are your pet's worst enemies. Flea shampoo is useless, which means proper and vigilant care is necessary to keep your pet happy and healthy. Put yourself in your pet's paws—if fleas make you uncomfortable just thinking about them, imagine what living with them must feel.

Fleas infest your home and carry a host of diseases and parasites, including worms. It only takes one flea to create many problems. If your dog is scratching, then they have fleas. Flea medication is a must!

There are other alternatives too. Fleas are attracted to water such as anal, vaginal, penial, eyes ,nose, and ears. A solution for getting rid of fleas is to use Dawn™ Dishwashing Liquid. First, wet your dog down, then pour a generous amount of liquid from the skull to the base. Create enough suds for a bubble bath.

When giving your pet a flea bath, be careful around the eyes. Afterwards, take a towel while their wet and soapy and wrap them for ten minutes to suffocate the flea. Unwrap your baby and rinse,until their squeeky clean until free of soap, then blow dry. After taking care of the flea, continue your pet's medication.

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