About Suzy Q's Pet Grooming Salon

Suzy Q's Pet Grooming Salon serves owners of small dogs in Albertville, Alabama, and the surrounding area. Susan Mashburn, sole owner and master groomer, welcomes you to her full-service dog salon. When you take your dog here, Susan does much more than give your faithful friend a bath. She treats every dog like the lovely creation they truly are.

Clean and Sanitary

Susan works hard to bring you a gorgeous salon. Her workplace is always clean, inviting, and peaceful. Entrust your baby to her, and have confidence knowing she looks out for the health and safety of your pet-and every visitor.

The Proactive Groomer

As a trained dog groomer, Susan is often referred to as the first line of defense for your pet's health. In many ways, she acts like a veterinary technician. For example, if, during a session, she finds your dog continuously chewing, she will tell you about possible health concerns. 

When caring for your baby, Susan also checks for lumps and abnormalities. She applies a holistic method to find what is best for your pet, and provides advice for proper dog care. If she finds something wrong with your dear pet, she refers you to skilled veterinarians nearest you. Put simply, Susan finds the small problems before they escalate into more serious ones.

Recommended by Professionals

Work with a groomer who is recognized within the veterinary field. Dr. Clark G. recommends Susan Mashburn, stating "She does quality work and handles the dogs very well and treat them like her own. She is very conscientious and let's the owner know to get them checked out. If there is one groomer, I will recommend her."

By a Pet Owner, for Pet Owners

Susan is also a fellow dog owner. She has four dogs of her own that come with her to work, and they all look marvelous. Much like her own home, the salon is an accommodating place for dogs and people.

Welcoming All Clients

Everyone who visits the salon is treated with love and respect. Susan works well with special needs children, and she is always mindful of each client's specific needs.

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