All Natural Soothing Shampoo

Your pets are your babies. You don’t want their skin to look shabby. You handle your pets every now and then.  When their skin is not clean and healthy enough it is dangerous to your health as the owner. CLICK HERE to get the best shampoo for your babies.

Shampoos with harsh chemical compositions are not good for your pets. You probably think these kinds of shampoos are best to remove stains from your pets’ body. No, they are bad for their delicate skin. Also, it is very wrong to use your human hair shampoo for your dog or cat. It irritates their skin and damages the hair on their body. What you end up having is a pet with an itchy and damaged skin. This will make your pet look unkempt and uncomfortable.

The best shampoo for your pet is a shampoo with natural composition. Suzy Q’s Pets Shampoo contains five essential natural ingredients that are very helpful to the skin of your pets and their healthy growth. This organic formulation makes Suzy Q’s Pets Shampoo excellent for your pet’s sensitive, itchy or dry skin. Instead of soap, this product from Suzy Q’s Pets Grooming Saloon contains plant-based surfactants that are friendly to the skin and prevents dryness and irritation.

Suzy Q’s Pets Grooming Salon is the number one pet groomer in Albertville and one of the very top groomers in all of Alabama. I have a strong reputation in the pet grooming industry and a recognized member of the Dog Groomers of America. I am a professional groomer with complete education at the Florida School of Dog Grooming. This shampoo contains the secrets of my pet grooming success. I have decided to package it and present it to you as my gift to your happiness as a pet owner.

Dog Looking At Shampoo

Dog Looking Up At Shampoo

This is what my clients have to say about my magic:

“I have a yorkie and I don't trust any one with him and she (Suzy Q) has been the best for my Bashun and you can say her name and he know it.” – Monica Stone Ogle

“My two babies both had gone to Suzy Q until we moved to Florida. One baby passed away in Bama but we have her still. The other Poodle has been groomed twice since moving back to Florida and both times has been a disaster” – Cari Ann Durfee

“Suzy Q is THE BEST!! Your pup will be treated like royalty and come back to more gorgeous than you can imagine!” – Sharalee Sherman

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Suzy Q’s Pets Shampoo was formulated with the NATURAL HEALING POWERS of Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut extracts.              

Colloidal Oatmeal prevents and cures dry and itchy skin. It softens and moisturizes your dog’s or cat’s skin thereby making your pet superbly comfortable in its shining skin. Polyglucocide extracted from Palm Kernel Oil ensures that the skin is thoroughly clean and mild. Cocobetaine from coconut boosts foam. Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extracts cool the skin and infuse it with pleasant fragrance that makes your pet smell superb.

This is definitely the ultimate formula for healthy body for your cat and dog.

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Suzy Q’s Pet Shampoo does far more than just keeping your pet clean. Its natural ingredients ensure your pet’s skin is healthy with natural fresh scents. It infuses moisture into your pet’s dry and rough skin and makes the hair come alive, smooth and soft.